what we’re all about


when you grow, we grow

You might walk in the door with one skillset or toolkit, but that’ll change pretty quick. Across departments, with training and through opportunity, you can creatively grow however you’ve always wanted to. We want our people to live in the land of possibility, so welcome! You’ve found it!


we take standards pretty seriously

Whether it’s the talent we corral, the animations we craft, the technology we master or, hey, the office holiday party, we live and breathe by high standards. Tangent was born to elevate and redefine what animation could be and set a new industry standard, so prepare to raise the bar.


we live to innovate

That’s a bold statement, but we can back it up. We’re constantly digging for solutions to brain-breaking problems, ripping into new technology to take it for a spin and finding niche talent that adds something completely unexpected to the mix. Evolution is the name of the game around here.


creativity is a real thing

Creativity isn’t a right brain job title, but an environment you can actually taste. We throw out pitch ideas left and right, we whiteboard up and down, we ask questions and get answers, we love being in the thick of big, juicy ideas and tipping-point thinking.


Our Team

Let’s take it from the top.



Artistic talent and experience of the crew. What sets us apart from other studios is our use of Blender, an open source software to make our animated films. We are working to develop tools and improve Blender to meet our film needs and in turn contributing back to the open source software through the Blender Foundation.